10mm Gold or Rose Gold Filled Cremation Ring

Jessica Dennis Designs

$ 125.00 

The stone in this ring is made using your pet or loved one's ashes, along with a resin blend of pigments and glitter. The band is 14k gold or rose gold filled. 

Hold your loved one close to you with a specially made ash infused cremation ring.

**Please leave a note including the STONE COLOR you'd like** These rings are available in half and whole sizes 1-16. 

Please choose the stone color you'd like from the drop down menu. Please note that ashes vary in color and every ring will appear slightly different

On March 26, 2017, I lost my 7 year old son to DIPG brain cancer. He was my inspiration for these rings, as we had him cremated and I wanted a special way to carry him with me everywhere. #resteasypayton #paytonstrong

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Please take the time to read these instructions IN FULL, to ensure your order is able to be completed efficiently.


•These are the instructions for ash, flower, breast milk and hair jewelry. You only need to send one of these items, unless you ordered multiple items.


**YOU are responsible for TRACKING your package so YOU know when it arrives to me. Please add tracking to your package so you can keep up with it's journey. I cannot always answer questions regarding arrival, as my priority is getting your order done in a timely manner. Please DO NOT require a signature unless you are shipping over seas.


Q: How much should I send?


A: ASHES- 1/8 TEASPOON* of ashes is enough for up to 5 rings or 3 necklaces. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN 1/8 TEASPOON. Any unused ashes are returned with your order.

*If you fail to put enough postage on ashes when shipping them, you will be required to pay the overdue postage before I can get them from my post office.


A: HAIR: A 1 inch by 1 inch piece of hair is enough. If you don't have that much, send what you have. Any unused hair will be sent back with your order.


A:FLOWER PETALS: A 1" petal is enough for 1 necklace or ring, however you may choose to send multiple petals if you would like the colors mixed or the petals are small. Please do not sent whole flowers, petals are plenty. PETALS MUST BE FULLY DRIED BEFORE YOU SHIP THEM TO ME. Wet flower petals tend to mold, and brown in transit to me. Any unused petals will be sent back with your order.


A:BREAST MILK: 2 teaspoons is enough for any breast milk item we offer. Breast milk can be frozen, refrigerated, or fresh. Please send inside of 2 plastic baggies or breast milk bags so it is double wrapped and protected from spillage. Any unused milk is kept, frozen, and logged in case anything ever happens to your jewelry we will always have a bit here for you. 




Please ship in a padded envelope (NOT a box) to:

Payton Leigh Treasures

4607 Del Mason Rd

Bellaire, MI 49615


**Please DO NOT use TAPE on any zip lock bags, as it tends to rip the bags when I try to remove the tape.


Cancellations MUST be requested within 48 hours.


Please contact Jessica at: https://www.facebook.com/jessicadennisdesigns/ if you have any questions!

Any unused ashes will be shipped back to you with your ring. Please contact us at https://www.facebook.com/jessicadennisdesigns/ with any questions or concerns.