Actual Flower Cufflinks

Jessica Dennis Designs

$ 77.00 

These stainless steel 20mm cufflinks can be made using funeral or wedding flowers (pictured) or using your loved ones ashes, flowers, or hair. The stone can be made in many colors (please see color chart). The stone pictured is clear, so the flowers are visible. 

This piece requires ashes, flowers, or hair to be sent to my studio. 

After you've ordered, please ship 1/8 teaspoon of ashes, approximately 5 flower petals, or a 1" x 1" piece hair to:


Payton Leigh Treasures 


960 N Center Ave 


Gaylord, MI



Please include your ORDER NUMBER inside of the package.  Any unused hair, flowers, or ashes will be returned to you with your order. 

if you need to contact me during the process please contact me via Jessica Dennis Designs LLC on Facebook.