Breast Milk Ring

Jessica Dennis Designs

$ 80.00 


Breast Milk Jewelry is an amazing way to cherish the special bond breastfeeding creates between you and your child.

The ring itself is made of stainless steel and will never tarnish. I used stainless steel to keep the cost down for my buyers but can use sterling silver upon request. The cost is $30 more for sterling silver.

It has taken me a long time to perfect the process used to make breast milk jewelry. I guarantee my work. There will be no yellowing and your ring will last forever if you follow the guidelines to ensure proper care of it.

It will take at least 6 WEEKS for you to recieve your ring!


After you've ordered:

Please ship at least 6 tablespoons of your milk to us. Your milk can be frozen or fresh and it does not matter if it is cold or warm when you ship it. It is recommended to triple bag your milk in breast milk storage bags and ship in a padded bubble mailer. Please ship to:

Jessica Dennis Designs 

4607 Del Mason Rd

Bellaire MI 



Please note that everyone's ring will look differently depending on the color of your milk.