Cremation Bracelet Made with Ashes

Jessica Dennis Designs

$ 58.00 

This stainless steel bracelet is made using your loved one's ashes. The stone can be made in 3 colors. Please see photo 2. 

Please leave a note during checkout including the stone color you'd like. 

Shipping instructions:

Please ship in a zip lock bag inside of a well sealed envelope or bubble mailer to:

Jessica Dennis Designs
4607 Del Mason Rd
Bellaire, MI 49615

***Please purchase tracking for your package so you can see when it has arrived to me. I cannot always answer questions regarding arrival, as my priority is getting your orders done in a timely manner. Please DO NOT require a signature. Doing so may result in your package being returned to you.***

Q: How much should I send?
A: Ashes- 1 TEASPOON* of ashes is enough for up to 5 rings or 3 necklaces. If there are unused ashes after your piece has been made, you will recieve them back with your order.

*If you fail to put enough postage on ashes when shipping them to me, you will be required to pay the overdue postage before I can get the package from my post office. Please only send 1 teaspoon of ashes to avoid this.

A: Hair- A 1 inch by 1 inch piece of hair is enough. If you don't have that much, send what you have. Any unused hair (if any) will be sent back with your order.

A:Flower petals: 1 petal is enough, however you may choose to send multiple petals if you would like the colors mixed etc. Any unused flower petals will be sent back with your order.