Cross Cremation Necklace Made with your loved one's actual ashes

Jessica Dennis Designs

$ 55.00 

This necklace made using your loved one's ashes and the ashes are used to make the stone and any color can be added as well. 

To choose a color: 

1. Add item to your cart

2. Go to cart

3. Scroll to "Add a note to your order" and type the color you'd like 

-Stainless Steel


After you have ordered, please ship a small amount of ashes in a zip lock bag or well sealed envelope to the address below. I only need about 1 teaspoon of ashes to create your piece. Whatever ashes (if any) are unused, it will be shipped back to you with your ring.

Ship to:

Payton Leigh Treasures 

960 N Center Ave 

Gaylord, MI


I lost my son to a DIPG brain tumor at 7 years old. I wear my cremation ring everyday. I love feeling him so close to me and it is also a great conversation piece (anyone who has lost a child will understand how much I love to talk about my Payton).